AC Connection Profile

Create/Edit a Connection Profile

A connection profile contains all the settings that is necessary for a client to get connected to the VPN gateway. It is here that we define the authentication method, client IP pool, DNS entry etc. When you first set the AnyConnect, prior to creating a connection profile, we need to add the client image to the appliance and enable SSL access to the outside interface.

If a client image is not loaded, ASA will prompt you to load one. We can select the image from the ASA’s disk, or upload and then select.

Image can be downloaded from Cisco website. You will require a login username and password.  Download the image to your desktop and then upload it to ASA’s disk.

Click “Add” to add a new profile.


Name: – Give the Profile a name

Aliases: – Give it an Aliases name, this name will be shown in the GUI’s drop down.

Authentication: – Select an authentication method. It can be local, or via AAA or via previously configured authentication server, like TCL Soft token.

Client Address Pool: – Select the address pool that the user should get, from a previously created pool.

Group Policy: – Select from a previously created group policy. Enter the DNS, WINS and Domain Name. 

Rest configurations can be left as default.